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Provenir Publishing provides physicians, scientists, and patients with up-to-date clinical and research information in an easily accessible way. By online publishing and global book distribution, our authors and editors have a worldwide impact.
Why Provenir Publishing?

Provenir Publishing is a medical and scientific book publisher that understands the enabling benefits of online publishing and global book distribution. We invite worldwide thought leaders to contribute research and results pertaining to groundbreaking discovery and innovation. Each submission is reviewed by a panel of experts in the medical and scientific fields. Every published article is freely available to the worldwide public. Patient Handbooks

We believe that an informed patient is a strong patient. We collaborate with leading doctors, surgeons, dietitians, and counselors to provide patients with the most up-to-date information and treatments available. These patient handbooks contain easy-to-read guidance on treatments, diets, and emotional counseling. We keep our patient-focused publications current by regular reviews of content. Each handbook contains a glossary of associated terms and a journal section to help the patient better understand and record their treatment. Children’s Books

We realize that a child’s understanding and reaction to a diagnosis of a disease can be much different than that of an adult. Young children often have questions and fears they don’t know how to express. Children with a parent or loved one suffering from a disease can experience fears and uncertainty as well. We provide engaging and endearingly illustrated picture books that help children identify their challenges, fears, and questions. The general themes of the stories can be applied to a variety of challenges to help children find encouragement and reassurance.